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Hemp Elixir Mini

100mg Hemp-Derived CBD (2.0oz)
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Life Flower’s Hemp Elixir is an organic blend of plant oils that are formulated to fight chronic pain and inflammation. Our super ingredients work synergistically to provide a natural, long-lasting solution to issues like sciatica, arthritis, eczema and other chronic pain. We are proud to offer Mother Nature’s nutritional, natural replacement for synthetic, man-made pain killers that cause other diseases in the body.


100mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD (Organic Full-Spectrum CBD Oil), Organic and Non-GMO Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Calendula Oil, Organic Arnica Oil, Sunflower Lecithin.

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100mg Pure Hemp-Derived CBD


NON-GMO, ORGANIC, COLD PRESSED HEMPSEED OIL: Rich in protein, fiber and loaded with all 20 amino acids hempseed oil has a perfect fatty acid profile of omega-3 fats and GLA which helps strengthen the immune system and naturally balance both inflammation and hormones.

EXCELLENT SOURCE OF PROTEIN FOR VEGANS/VEGETARIANS . Hempseed oil is considered a perfect protein, containing not only all 20 amino acids but also the essential 9 of them that cannot be produced by our human bodies.

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