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Huge Pink Halite Chunk #2

2lb 14oz
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This piece is absolutely massive! Featuring the same intricate hopper growth patterns as the others, Halite forms interesting cube crystals with amazing growth lines. Gentle light pink base which fades into white, icy cube-shaped crystals. A conversation starter for sure.

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Pure Hemp-Derived CBD


Halite is a rock salt known for it’s cleansing and purifying properties, it aids in clarifying energy blocks and balancing energy fields. This makes it perfect for cleansing your other crystals! Similar to Selenite, you can rest your other crystals on it to remove unwanted/negative energies. In meditation, Pink Halite connects to the heart and solar plexus chakras allowing a self-loving awareness which aids in the release of emotional issues and attachments.


This is an extremely fragile specimen, we will do my best to package it as safely as possible but please be aware some little pieces may break off in transit.